Supreme x Skittles x Polartec Jacket

  • Supreme Skittles jacket
  • Colorful winter fashion
  • Polartec insulation technology
  • Exclusive streetwear collaboration
  • Limited edition collector’s item


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Unveiling Supreme’s Exclusive Collaboration, The Supreme x Skittles x Polartec Jacket

Embrace Colorful Comfort

Immerse yourself in a symphony of hues with the Supreme x Skittles x Polartec Jacket. Prepared for those who seek not just warmness but a burst of vivid style, this exclusive collaboration transcends the ordinary. Each jacket is a canvas of resonant shades encouraged by the iconic Skittles rainbow. Surround yourself in a kaleidoscope of hues, changing every step into a comment. Boost your winter cupboard with a palette that speaks to your bold spirit.

Unleash the Power of Polartec

Underneath the stunning outside lies the innovative wonder of Polartec protection. Designed for extreme warmth without the mass, this jacket is a demonstration of Supreme’s obligation to state-of-the-art style. Polartec’s innovation guarantees that you stay comfortable in the coldest environments while keeping a smooth outline. The jacket turns into a subsequent skin, giving protection as well as a feeling of power against the colder time of year chill.

Exclusivity Redefined

Step into a domain where design meets eliteness. The Supreme x Skittles x Polartec Jacket is in excess of a clothing piece; it’s a sought-after gatherer’s thing. Restricted in amount, each coat conveys the eminence of being necessary for elite cooperation, a combination of streetwear sovereignty and candy parlor charm. Join the tip-top rare sorts of people who can guarantee this magnum opus, a demonstration of your insightful taste and obligation to catch everyone’s eye.

Taste the Rainbow, Wear the Legend

This jacket isn’t simply a troupe; it’s an encounter. Envision the impression of wearing a piece of clothing that exemplifies the lively soul of Skittles. The Supreme x Skittles x Polartec Jacket welcomes you to taste the rainbow with your sense of taste as well as with your style. It’s not only a garment; it’s a decree of singularity, a festival of variety, and an encouragement to carry on with life in full range.

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L, M, S, XL, XXL


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